Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Are A Fun Mom!

Lately I've had several different people comment to me about how fun I am.  Fun comes with a price in this household.  First of all, we live in a pigsty and eat out more than we should (still not a lot, but more than necessary).  I fall behind in my cleaning and cooking and other normal domestic duties so I can play with my kids.  Is that the right thing to do...probably not.  But, I am a fun mother.  I am trying to be better at my domesticness (pretty sure that isn't a real word) all the while still being labeled as a "fun mother".  I'm going to have to compromise.  How about if we live in a clean pigsty and still have fun?  Don't get me wrong, we don't really live in filth.  But let's say it's been 7 days since I last cleaned the bathroom, but we have plans to go to Little Monkey Bizness with a friend.  I'll clean the bathroom after we get home (if I'm not exhausted) or tomorrow.  See, I should clean before we go.  Then it won't get shoved off for another day or two.  Because inevitably, someone will come over and need to use the bathroom.  I need to be prepared for these things. 

So while it is true that I love to have a good time, I believe that it must be known that my house is generally in a constant state of pigsty.  So, give me some notice before you come over.  I'd appreciate the heads up. 

Some of the "fun" things we've done lately...
We took the boys on a tour of the fire station.  Christian being the driver.
Christian actually liked being the passenger more.
We saw Santa at the Library for story time and pictures.
 We also went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops.  Christian was terrified of Santa that trip, so we spent most of our time playing all over the store.  What a fun place to visit!

Dave is just dreaming a tiny bit.
 We were invited to a friend's house to play in the leaves with her boys.  What a fun time!
 Our Ward Trunk or Treat.  So fun!

That hand grabs you as you put your hand in the bowl.  Christian was scared, but extremely intrigued by how it worked!
We carved a pumpkin together.
 Christian definitely loves to help in the kitchen!

Look, Mom!  I drew a tree!

Christian expressing his creativity...what I would give for him to express himself on PAPER!  He uses the whole world as his canvas. 

This is just a sampling of a few things we've done the past 3 months.  We've done many other things that I don't have pictures of.  We've been to the zoo, the Wildlife Experience, multiple parks, McDonald's play place with friends, on walks, Best Buy (seriously...so fun!), Ace Hardware (Heaven for a little boy!) and have done countless art projects and other activities.  We went to Utah for Thanksgiving, We had a family party for Christmas with the Putnams, and other little things here and there.  I can't think of everything.  I can't wait until Grayson can be more involved in the activities we do.  I have so many pictures of him just hanging out in his carseat to prove he was there.  The best part is....Everything we have done has been FREE!  

And if you're ever bored and want to get together, We LOVE playdates!

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