Saturday, January 15, 2011


Christian loves to have me read to him.  He's been really good at recognizing his letters and is so proud when he can read the letters to me.  Today as we were running errands we drove past Heritage High School.  We were stopped at the light and he was reading H-E-R-I-T-A-G-E.  We were so proud and made a big deal about it.  A few minutes later he said, "H-E-R....Mom, what comes after R?"  I said S and he said, "No, it's I-T-A..."  I couldn't believe it.  By this time we were a couple of miles away from the high school.  Maybe it's time to start doing some actual reading practice with him.  I didn't think at 3 he'd be ready, but I suppose I should encourage a love for reading as much as possible.  I'll take him to the library this week and look for some good beginner reading books.  I'm not ready for him to grow up so fast, but I just love to watch his world become brighter as he learns new things. 

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