Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grayson-6 months

Grayson rolling around the living room.

Dear Mr. Grayson,

Today you went to the doctor for your 6 month check up.  It went okay, but you cried (screamed) the whole hour we were there.  I even tried to nurse you to calm you down, but you weren't happy.  At the end of your appointment you were happy and laughing.  I suppose you already have a dislike for doctors.  Maybe you were just having an off moment.
Your stats are:

Weight-  18 pounds 6 ounces (55%)
Height-  27 inches (60%)
Head Circumference-  19 inches (still >97%)

The doctor is slightly worried that you slowed WAY down on the growing (you only gained 5 ounces and grew 1 inch in 2 months), but since you were so big he thinks you might just be regulating your weight gain a little.  Plus, now that you are rolling all around the house you are burning some fat.  Also, last week you had a stomach virus and threw up for 2 days probably lost a little weight.  But just to double check, you get to go back to the doctor next month to get weighed and get your flu shot booster.  

The doctor thinks you are developing right on track for a 6 month old.  He gave us some papers with fun things to do together over the next few months.  I think you'll like that.  Also, your eczema is still a problem.  It's causing you to scratch everywhere.  The doctor gave us a prescription for some ointment to help your skin heal.  I hope it works!

Now that you're 6 months you are starting to eat solid foods more and more.  I know it's not your favorite, but I'm still hoping you'll warm up to eating.  
Grayson NOT enjoying green beans.

I love being your mommy and can't wait to see what the next 6 months brings.  

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