Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Me! Monday

All right, folks.  Here it is.  My list of things that I didn't do this week.  Enjoy!

I most certainly did not plan a play date at the Children's Museum and stay for 6 hours....Not Me!

I didn't decide after seeing a barely 2 year old girl ask her mom to go potty that it was time for Christian to be potty trained once and for all....Not Me!  (I would never pressure my kid to do something just because someone younger could do it.)

I didn't bribe Christian to use the potty with money and/or tickets to see the Imagination Movers LIVE in concert...Not Me!

I didn't take the kids to the Library in the middle of nap time...Not Me!

I didn't have to break up a fight between my 2 kids...Not Me!  (I mean...the baby is only 7 months.  He's not even capable of picking fights yet, right?)

I didn't forget the dry erase markers were still out in reach...Not Me!

I didn't give my baby a pizza crust to chew on just to stop the fit he potentially could throw...Not Me!

I didn't drink the orange juice straight out of the carton knowing I have a cold just so I could claim it as all mine...Not Me!

I didn't contemplate doing the same thing with the cookie dough ice cream...Not Me!

I know you all are jealous.  But really, you don't have to be.  Make your own Not Me! Monday list.  It's fun.

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