Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas was pretty laid back this year.  We just hung out at our house with our little family.  Our kids are still young so we got away with sleeping in and eating a leisurely breakfast (I made waffles).  We even showered and cleaned up.  I think it was about 10:30am before we opened our presents.  Christian had a good time opening presents.  He had the whole Santa thing figured out this year.  This is the first year he really understood.  Grayson was not amused.  He really wasn't interested and didn't want to participate.  Come to find out, he cut his 2nd tooth the day after Christmas.  That explains a lot!  Poor kid!

We didn't get much this year, but I tried to make some of the presents big so it looked like a lot.  Did my parents play that trick on us when we were kids?  Santa, of course, brought the best presents!  Christian received a toy fire doesn't need batteries.  Santa is SO smart!  Grayson's toy; however, does require batteries...Fail!  Grayson doesn't care much for toys yet, but he will soon and he'll thank me.  Every gift I received was for the kitchen.  Is that a hint??  Dave got a Wii game (Donkey Kong Country Returns) and a new white shirt for church and a digital picture frame.  The family got a Wii game for Christmas.  Overall, I think Christmas was fun!  I hope we can create some of our very own traditions.  That's the best part about the holidays!

Our tree Christmas morning.

I tried to get a decent picture of the boys, but this is the best I could come up with. 

Grandma McL sent a box full of craft supplies for Christian.  So much fun!

Grayson was NOT into this activity at all.

Dave's sister sent him a shirt that says, My Wife Has Good Taste.  Yup...she does!

He was annoyed I wouldn't let him eat the paper. 

The only thing he asked Santa for was a fire truck.  Glad he delivered!

Christian with all of his presents.

Grayson with his presents.  His shirt says Santa's Favorite.  Don't tell Christian!


I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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