Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Do A La Drool

I went to pick up Christian after work on Saturday and this is the new hairdo he had. They said they used aloe vera gel to style it. It just makes me think it may be time for a real haircut for the boy. I bought some hair cutting scissors yesterday in case I decide to try it myself. It seems scary.

Poor Christian is teething so bad right now. His top teeth are trying to come in. Who knows how long it'll be before they cut through. The drool is starting to get to me though. During the "hairdo" photoshoot he had a constant stream of drool. So gross!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Out with the old...In with the new!

So, we got our new high chair on Saturday afternoon. I love it!! I think it's great! I can't believe how small it folds up (8in wide). So, since we got the new high chair we decided to put the swing and bouncy seat up in the attic. There's only so much space in this little house. I can't believe he's getting so big now. I never thought he'd be bored of the bouncy seat, but now he just rolls out of it and plays on the floor. And he didn't ever really like the swing a ton. I don't even remember the last time he used it. Who wants to be cooped up when you can roll all around the floor and get into things you aren't allowed to play with?
So, for now, we have a little more space to play on the floor and not get tangled up in things. It's so fun to watch him explore! Part of me can't wait for him to crawl, walk, talk, etc. But the other part of me doesn't know if I'll have the energy to chase him all over. I can't believe he's seven months already. Time Flies!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long Overdue

Christian just had his 6 month appointment yesterday. I know...he's 7 months now. We got a little behind with Christmas. So, he is a perfect, healthy little boy with lots of energy. He weighs 17lbs 12oz and is 27in long. That puts him at 40% in weight and 60% in height. Of course his big noggin was at 90% measuring 46.5cm circumference. But, the good news is he's finally growing into that head. All those fruits and veggies are really helping him out. So, we are just going to keep on letting him eat as much as he can. I just ordered a high chair online because they don't sell the particular pattern I like in stores (I know...sounds dumb). So, we're using the little booster seat or just sitting him on our lap. It'll be nice to have a high chair to use.
A few weeks ago we decided to see if Christian would enjoy his jumper thing his Aunt gave him. It was love at first sight. He just loves to jump. He laughs and squeals with delight. He's usually good for about 30 min before he gets bored. It's amazing how much you can accomplish in 30 min.
After letting him jump around I let him roll all over the living room. He recently discovered that he can roll and roll and roll and push on the furniture to turn a different way. He gets around pretty well. He has also started to scoot a backwards army crawl. I think he's trying to go forward because he gets frustrated after a while. Sometimes he even tries to tuck his knees under him, but he's not crawling yet.
He's learning new things everyday. We are so lucky that he is a happy baby almost all of the time. Lately he's been a little more grumpy because his 2 bottom teeth were coming in. I wish I could get a picture of his teeth, but he always covers them with his tongue. I'll keep trying. I haven't been very good at getting pictures of him. If you want to know more about that click onto the link on the left that says Jeanne. You can read my blog.
So, that is the quick update of Christian and what he's been up to.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Christian had his first taste of carrots tonight for dinner. He loved them! It was a much better response than the peas. I don't have pictures, but I sure wish I did. As soon as the spoon went in his mouth he stuck his tongue out and started to make gagging noises. He wouldn't even let me get the spoon in his mouth after that. That's my boy!

He looks drunk on carrots. He still took a 4 ounce bottle after he ate the whole jar of carrots.

He sure was a happy boy after dinner. This is the cleaned up version of him too. He REALLY wanted to hold the spoon. You know...the part with all the carrots on it. He really is a good helper. I just keep on telling myself that.