Saturday, March 1, 2008


Christian had his first taste of carrots tonight for dinner. He loved them! It was a much better response than the peas. I don't have pictures, but I sure wish I did. As soon as the spoon went in his mouth he stuck his tongue out and started to make gagging noises. He wouldn't even let me get the spoon in his mouth after that. That's my boy!

He looks drunk on carrots. He still took a 4 ounce bottle after he ate the whole jar of carrots.

He sure was a happy boy after dinner. This is the cleaned up version of him too. He REALLY wanted to hold the spoon. You know...the part with all the carrots on it. He really is a good helper. I just keep on telling myself that.

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The story of my life! said...

Watching them first eat food is so much fun! He definatly did enjoy those carrots! Don't worry about the peas, I don't think alot of kinds like them pureed. Dillon sure didn't, but he did like them whole go figure! :)