Sunday, March 30, 2008

A New Do A La Drool

I went to pick up Christian after work on Saturday and this is the new hairdo he had. They said they used aloe vera gel to style it. It just makes me think it may be time for a real haircut for the boy. I bought some hair cutting scissors yesterday in case I decide to try it myself. It seems scary.

Poor Christian is teething so bad right now. His top teeth are trying to come in. Who knows how long it'll be before they cut through. The drool is starting to get to me though. During the "hairdo" photoshoot he had a constant stream of drool. So gross!


Angela said...

I think the hair style is cute. Sometimes I wish Matthew's hair would do that. Good luck with the teething. It's not fun at all. And the drool really is gross, but it will go away. Just another thing that we need patience for. =)

The story of my life! said...

Love the hair!! We tried spiking Dillon's hair one day and didn't work out to well though. It's exciting that he is getting more teeth but the constant drool stinks. No fun what so ever!