Friday, May 15, 2009

Christian's Post

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Dear readers: I am very sick. I have had a fever for a few days and now I am so congested I can't breathe. It is so hard to sleep and I am very tired. Today I got some sunshine and that helped me feel a lot better. I sure hope I feel better soon.

Now Daddy is sick too. Sorry! I hope Mommy doesn't get sick next.
Love, Christian

PS I hate having my nose sucked out. Gross!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Christian and I finally got to enjoy some good weather outside last week. We busted out the sidewalk chalk and graffitied the place up. We are so happy for sunshine again!

(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. They are from my phone.)

Because I Know You Love Pictures

In the last month Christian and I have been keeping busy. Sadly, I have been terrible about taking pictures this month and even worse at blogging. I promise to do better in the future.

At the beginning of April Christian and I went with some friends to Little Monkey Bizness. They are new in Parker and WE LOVE IT! It's perfect to get some extra energy out and who doesn't love a Bounce House?



We started Easter with a Peep. An Easter tradition that I hate...but in the name of traditions...

Then we attempted a photo shoot and it was TERRIBLE!! Talk about a grumpy kid.
So, I gave up and let him play (and we ate a real breakfast).

Christian's Easter basket and toys from the Easter Bunny.


Christian was eating and I just about lost my lunch when I had to clean it up.

Christian hanging out and Grandmama Putnam's house.

Eating yogurt.