Saturday, July 18, 2009


Dave took Christian to the cabin for a weekend. They had a good time.
I had a great time napping and enjoying a quiet house!!

I hear Christian loved the motorcycle. Somehow that doesn't surprise me!

Christian decided to paint his face with dirt. Isn't he precious?

I'm glad you were able to have fun at the cabin! I hope it becomes an annual event!

A new (to us) Park

Christian and I discovered Westlands Park. Holy cow! Who knew you could have so much fun at a park? We could easily spend all day there. If you ever want to go there with us give me a holler! We'd love to go back anytime!

We spent all of our time at the spray park. Christian spent 3 hours running through water and splashing and having a good time. We also enjoyed a picnic lunch there too.

We didn't have time to go to the playground this time. We'll definitely go back and check it out soon. It looks like a lot of fun with a lot of really fun things to play on. We didn't get to see the big tree house they have either. I'm in love!

4th of July

Christian and I drove to Salt Lake City for the 4th of July weekend.

The drive through Wyoming was actually really pretty. I couldn't believe how green it was in July. All that rain is paying off!

We met some friends (my roommate from BYU-I) at the Hogle Zoo on the 4th.

We saw ducks.

And we went to the elephant show.

Christian loved these tiger statues.

Matthew and Christian at the zoo. Neither one was interested in getting this picture taken.

The boys checking out the giraffes on the 2nd level. This was Christian's favorite part of the zoo. He really loves giraffes right now.

I took Christian to Temple Square before church on Sunday.

I just loved to watch Christian gaze at the temple.

He loves to smell flowers.

Some other highlights of our trip:
  • Kenzie invited us to their ward carnival on the 3rd. What a fun event to go to. They had a big slide and a bouncy house. We had to drag Christian out of the bouncy house. They had a lot of other activities too. Somehow I have no pictures of this night. Thanks for inviting us!!
  • We got to ride the train and carousel at the zoo. The highlight of our trip, for sure.
  • We had a good time playing the Wii on the 4th too! It was fun to see everyone's true age.
  • We got to meet Tommie, Geoff's girlfriend. I, sadly, have no pictures of her. What a great girl. Thanks for letting us get to know you.
  • I finally received our family pictures from my last trip to UT. They turned out GREAT! I will scan them in soon.
  • We enjoyed a great BBQ and fireworks with my family on the 4th. I really failed in the pictures department this trip. I guess I was having too much fun!
  • Church was excellent and Christian went to nursery with no problems. What a relief!
  • I got to spend time with my niece and nephew.


At the end of May Dave and I took Christian to San Jose, CA to visit my grandparents. We had such a good time! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa McLaughlin for letting us invade your house for a few days! Unfortunately, Grandma was in the care center while we were there, so we barely got to see her at all. We can't wait to go back and visit again soon! Here's a quick recap of a few of our adventures in California.

Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma McLaughlin got to meet Christian for the first time!

Visiting Great-Grandma McLaughlin at the Care Center.

Driving to the beach, via the redwoods.
I didn't take any good pictures of the redwoods and it was my idea to see them. Dave got so car sick that we just decided to get to the beach as quickly as possible.

Dave and Christian had SO much fun playing at the beach in Santa Cruz, CA. It was pretty chilly (which we expected) but we're used to the cold. They jumped in the ocean for a few min and then warmed up on the beach.

My Aunt Heather brought a couple of unicycles and Dave had a lot of fun learning to ride them. Maybe someday I'll get him his own. Maybe.

Aunt Kenzie pulled the cousins in the red wagon.

We also visited the Children's Museum in San Jose. It is so big and so much fun. Christian didn't know what to do with himself. There were so many things to play with. We'll definitely go back!

We were so glad that Kenzie and her family were able to come to California at the same time! It was so fun for the cousins to get to play. Thanks for vacationing with us!

Next time we go, we'll allow more time to see everything. Our time was limited and we tried to do too much. Christian was still sick and fairly grumpy and Dave had a cough the whole time we were there. I was the only healthy one. We found out after vacation that Christian had a sinus infection and he started on antibiotics. Only a few days later he got REALLY sick and was vomiting and diarrhea for a week. But we are all finally healthy now!