Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We decided to give Christian his first real haircut this morning. It mostly turned out, surprisingly, but the front is no good. Hopefully over time we can figure out a good system. It is definately a 2 person job for now. So, we have to style it either in spikes or faux-hawk or the like until we can figure out how to fix the front of his hair. It's too short and cut straight across...bad idea, but he moved his head right as Dave was cutting..what can you do at that point? We just know to be faster next time. I just can't believe how much hair we cut off of our 7 month old. Most kids I know are 2 before they have a lot of hair to cut. Okay...maybe at least 1.

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Angela said...

Christian is so cute. I can't believe he's had a haircut all ready. How are you feeling Jeanne? Are the new medicines helping? I've been thinking about you lately and hope you are doing well. Keep in touch!