Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Christian's First Road Trip

Christian with his Great-Grandmother Gerstner

Well, we finally decided to venture out of the house for a weekend trip to Utah. We were able to see my parents, grandparents, 2 sisters and 1 brother plus some friends while we were there! It was a lot crammed into a couple days, but it was worth it. We were blessed with GREAT weather the entire trip and didn't have any problems with the drive either way. Christian required constant attention while in the car and we had to stop a lot more than usual, but overall it wasn't that bad. My health didn't present a problem while we were gone, but we almost didn't go on the trip because I ended up in the hospital on Thursday. Not the way we intended to spend our Valentine's Day this year. But I did get a red rose while I was there. That was nice.

Christian with his Grandma McLaughlin

Our life continues to be packed full every day. I suppose it's time to think about eliminating a few things so I don't have more problems with my health. There are so many things to do every day, and I really only have 1 1/2 days a week to accomplish anything.

Christian continues to grow everyday. He now sits quite well. I don't usually put pillows around him too much anymore. He started eating rice cereal a couple weeks ago. He's not a fan. We were at Chili's for dinner tonight and he grabbed my lemonade and pulled it towards him. He wants so badly to drink out of a cup that I bought a sippy cup for him to try out. Hopefully he will like that. While we were at Happy Sumo on Saturday night in Orem Christian was sitting on my lap and as I was talking he kept sticking his hand in my bowl trying to grab the rice. It was so cute. I wish we would have had a camera with us. I went to Wal Mart today and bought an assortment of baby food and a booster chair too. Pretty soon we will start introducing some veggies and juice to his diet. He'll be SO excited to add some variety.

That's pretty much our update for our family. I haven't been feeling too great so I haven't posted much. Hopefully I will feel a lot better soon and be better about blogging.

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The story of my life! said...

I have heard that alot of kids don't like the rice cereal. Dillon was one of those, something you can try is putting bananas or apple sauce with the cereal. It gives it a different taste and especially if they like the bananas or the apple sauce they will more likely eat the cereal mixed! It all depends on the child.

I am glad he did well for you guys for the trip to Utah!