Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Me! Monday

As a kid I remember my dad saying he had 6 kids once.  Really there are 5 kids, but he said Not Me was his sixth kid.  The one that always got blamed for everything.

Then I was reading some blogs a few years back and I was reading all of these Not Me! Monday posts.  They were a great way of confessing all of the things that went wrong the past week.  I participated a few times, but then my blogging fuse sort of fizzled.  But this year, I'm back!

Not Me! Monday will be more fun than ever before.  I've found having 2 kids means I make twice the mistakes.  Just think of when I have more!

I didn't stay inside the house for 4 days straight...Not Me.

I didn't make Dave stop at Chick Fil A for dinner on his way home because I was too lazy to cook....Not Me.

I didn't forget my Visiting Teachers were coming until minutes before they arrived while we were eating our Chick Fil A dinner in a fairly dirty house...Not Me.

I didn't do 7 loads of laundry last week and I most certainly wouldn't just leave baskets of clean clothes to fold and put away for later...Not Me.

I didn't have 2 pajama days in the same week...Not Me. 

Oy...that list is pretty frightening.  I hope I'm not so lazy this week! 

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