Sunday, March 1, 2009


I apologize for the fuzzy pictures. I, of course, forgot my camera and so we used Dave's phone to take pictures and videos. Surprisingly, the videos turned out pretty well, but the pictures did not. Oh well. And of course we had SO much fun and no good pictures to show for it. These will have to do.

Dave and I learned that we know little to nothing about the species of the ocean. Sadly, most of our knowledge comes from the movie, Finding Nemo. Maybe we need to go back and learn some more about our friendly (or not so friendly) water friends. I, for one, was surprised how fuzzy the star fish look.

This is a really bad picture, but is the best one with Christian in it. That fish is VERY big.

Also another bad picture, but we wanted to prove we were really there.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get a video of the actual event, but Christian and Dave were able to pet the sting rays. Christian LOVED it! And I think Dave did too.

It's not surprising that we all loved the sharks. They are so breathtaking to look at. I could have stood in front of the shark tanks for hours! Unfortunately, there isn't much Christian can do for that long. So our trip to the Aquarium was short, but we had a blast. We will definitely be going back. And next time I wont forget the camera!

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