Sunday, February 22, 2009


(Of course I didn't think to take a picture before church...when his hair still looked good.)

Today was first day of Nursery for Christian. A joyous occasion for all! He didn't cry until it was time to leave. He took one look at the toys and ran inside and never looked back. Two hours later when we picked him up he was still happy as could be. I hope it goes this well next week.


Shalena said...

Yea for nursery going well!! Dillon loves it! Then next year he is in Sunbeams. AHHHH he is growing up to fast!!

Angela said...

Yeah! Nursery is such a wonderful thing. I'm glad Christian didn't have any trouble. It makes it so much nicer!

Tiffany Winters said...

I love nursery... it's such a fun idea... leave your kids with other people for 2 hours while you get to sit without being distracted. Beautiful thing. Congrats on the big move Christian!