Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wash Park

Apparently, now that I have lived in CO for 10 years I have decided it is time to get out and experience what this state has to offer (go here). I've been missing out all these years! Today, Christian and I went to Washington Park and had a blast! It was 70 degrees out and a little breezy, but not horrible. We met a group of Walking Moms from Nice people, fun kids, and a great time!

I realized that Christian doesn't get to play with many kids his age and didn't really know what to do with them. Towards the end of the trip he figured out that he could join in, but mostly just did things on his own.

Wash Park is only 25 minutes away from my house, right off of I-25 and Downing. Why have we not been there? So Fun! We are going to go there more often and take advantage of the big play area. And we'll take some bread for the geese. They tried to steal Christian's food. Okay, the truth is Christian was trying to feed them.
Can't wait to take Daddy there!