Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kids Expo

I won two tickets to the 2009 Radio Disney All About Kids Expo in Denver Feb 28. So I decided to drag ask a friend to go with me after work and of course take the kids. Well, I don't think anyone was in a particularly good mood that day and we have young boys (18 mo and 9 mo). There was a lot going on there, but I think it is geared more towards older kids (preschool and elementary age). Being in a crowd of thousands and being told you have to hold mommy's hand all the time was too much to take. We only lasted an hour. But in that time we were able to ride a pony and see a fire truck and do a little gymnastics. By then the mommies were worn out, the babies were grumpy and it was time to go. Of course, I remembered my camera, but didn't have much to take a picture of. It's hard to take pictures and deal with a tantrum at the same time. Besides...who wants to see pictures of Christian throwing a fit? Don't worry! We'll be 2011.

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