Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Clothes

Christian got this cute outfit for Christmas from his Nana. Nana is my best friend's mom who watched Christian for the first year I was back at work. Now she lives in Wyoming and we miss her a lot!! We wish we could visit more, but winter driving in Wyoming is not a wise decision most of the time. Thank you Nana and Dani and Kori for the cutest outfit for church. It almost fits!! I can't believe he's so big now.

Nana requested pictures of Christian in his new outfit. I've been trying!! It's not easy to get my 16 month old to hold still for a photo shoot. And the only place he would stand is by the stairs; not the most beautiful backdrop. Then he got distracted by all the toys and that was the end of our photo shoot. But I think he looks so adorable, nonetheless.

This is the backside. Sorry I don't have more pictures, but he wasn't cooperating and I gave up. Next time he wears it I will try again. Enjoy!


Angela said...

Very cute! It really is hard to get a toddler to hold still for pictures. I don't think either of us will get any good pictures for the next few years. Hope you had a good Christmas!

Tiffany Winters said...

love love love the outfit for him...LOVE IT! He looks like he should be on the front of Tyke GQ magazine (if one existed)

Tiffany Winters said...

I can't get over it. it was too cute I had to comment again.