Sunday, January 4, 2009


I can't believe how much energy Christian has lately. I know toddlers are packed full of energy, but I'm not sure I was expecting this. I don't know how he can get into so much all at once. Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh. My patience is tried multiple times a day. I'm going to have to try a little harder to come up with fun activities he can do. I can't wait until spring time when we can spend more time outside. Our little condo offers no place for a toddler to run.

The other day I found Christian entertaining himself in his crib. I just want you all to know how BIG this is in our house. Christian has been sleeping in our bed for several months (about 6) but just before Christmas we put him in his own crib. He still protests at bed time, but only for a couple minutes. This transition was not nearly as difficult as we thought it would be. So, when I found him jumping in the bed, I just had to capture it on video so I could have proof that he's not really terrified of the crib, he just pretends to be.

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