Saturday, February 12, 2011

Denver Nuggets

Thanks to I was able to win 4 tickets to see the Denver Nuggets play the Dallas Mavericks.  I've never seen an NBA game live before and I'm not a big basketball lover, but all sports are more fun live than on TV, right?  We had some pretty good seats and I just didn't want to pass them up.  So, even though it was last minute, I managed to find a couple of friends to go to the game with us.  Dave's parents watched Christian for us since the game was late.  We took Grayson with us.  It was a good game and a lot of fun!  Thankfully, Grayson was a good baby during the game (he's such a good baby most of the time that I wasn't too worried...that was, of course, until he screamed the whole car ride to pick up our friends). 

Once we got to the Pepsi Center Grayson was happy and content.  Dave and I got some food (you know...the over priced, cold stadium food....YUMM!) and enjoyed the first quarter of the game.  But then it was time for me to feed Grayson.  So I missed half of the 2nd quarter.  Thankfully I got back just before half time.  Grayson slept through most of the rest of the game.  

The game was pretty exciting.  The Nuggets were losing the better part of the 2nd half and I had lost hope of us winning.  People were leaving before the game was over, but I'm sure they are sad they left.  We started to catch up, and then we were ahead, and then we were behind and then we were tied and then...We scored the winning shot right at the final buzzer.  It was pretty loud in the stadium...Grayson woke up. 

All in all...we had a fantastic time.  I'm glad we went to the game, even though it was last minute.  It's hard for us to do such spontaneous events with small children, but it was nice to know that we still have it in us.  We were VERY tired the next morning, though.  Kids just don't understand the need to sleep in. 

Did I mention we had to go to 9News to pick up the tickets?  It was a highlight for Christian to see where they do the "Colorado News", even though we only got to see the lobby.  He's pretty easy to please! 

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