Saturday, February 12, 2011

Denver Aquarium

I took the boys to the Aquarium recently and we had so much fun.  I wish it was more affordable.  I understand it costs a lot to maintain all of those fish, etc, but I just can't afford $42 for our family to visit.  Especially when you can only stay 2-3 hours with small kids.  I had a coupon to visit, so I thought I'd take advantage of it, but Dave wasn't able to go.  :(  We still had fun, but we missed having Daddy with us.  He knows a lot more about fish, sharks, and general ocean facts than I do.  I guess I need to study up because Christian has been telling me all week he's going to be a sea diver when he grows up. 

We were able to see the sharks and stingrays be fed as well as the tigers.  We saw a lot of fish, snakes, birds, turtles, sharks, jellyfish, plants, and many other things while at the Aquarium (we can't forget Nemo and Dory).  We even got to pet the stingrays!   

But the most fun part for Christian was watching two workers clean out the gravel from the turtle's habitat.  He sat and watched them scoop out nets full of tiny gravel.  He asked 800 million questions and just couldn't get enough of it.  After a long time I finally convinced him to go see other exhibits, but he went running back to see them clean the gravel out only a couple minutes later.  I don't know what was so fascinating.  He really wanted to help, but I told him he had to be older before he could get a job there.  He told me he'd work there when he was 5.  haha  (They were cleaning out the small gravel to replace it with bigger rocks.  The turtles were eating the tiny rocks and it was hurting their digestive systems.  I know you wanted to know!!)

I feel very fortunate that we had a nice older couple, who volunteer at the Aquarium, give us a little of a tour.  They were so helpful in answering all of Christian's questions (he had A LOT!).  I'm glad that we left the Aquarium having quite a bit more knowledge of all of the different species that live in the ocean  as well as the freshwater species, too.  I felt like the trip was fun and very educational, too.  Grayson slept through half of our visit, but he had a good time gazing at the sharks.  It will be so fun once he's a little older and can participate in our activities more than just being present.

I can't decide which pictures were the best, so I'm just throwing in a bunch that I liked from our visit.  If you're in Denver and have the opportunity, visit the Denver Aquarium.  It really is a neat place!

Do you see Christian?

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