Friday, December 26, 2008

Zoo Lights

Dave and I bought tickets to see Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo. We kept trying to go, but with our crazy work schedules and the record breaking COLD nights it was getting harder to find the time and energy to get there. But I was determined to go (mostly because we already spent $14 on the tickets). We discovered that the zoo is always open (I guess the animals always need food) so we decided to go on Christmas Eve night. What a fun evening! I hope we can go back every year. But we're dressing warmer and taking our own hot chocolate. Seriously $4 for one hot cocoa and only $2.50 to add a shot of bourbon. Too bad I don't drink...I could have used the extra "warmth".

Here are some neat lizards lounging around.

A family portrait in front of a fitting. (Love the trash cans!)

Christian is very concerned that the Hippo is going to eat his Daddy.

Isn't this picture amazing!?!

Dave and Christian (I opted out) got to touch this reptile. I'm not even sure what it is. Christian really liked it though. I quickly made them wash their hands. Yuck!

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Maren said...

They had those same lights here in Salt Lake too. I went to see them twice because they were so cool.