Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trial Run

Our New Year's resolution this year is to stay in better contact with our family and friends, especially the ones that live farther away. We've decided that we should start a blog so we can keep in touch without bugging everyone too often. Now you can log on here as often or as infrequently as you would like. Hopefully you'll enjoy hearing about our adventures as they come up this year. If we find that people enjoy it, we just might keep it up in years to come. I only hope that we will post often enough so you won't give up on this site.

Dave, Jeanne, Christian (aka Chip), Jake (the dog) and Merlin(the cat)

1 comment:

Aldeany Hope said...

hi, again..

im being eager to read your blog haha.. i found its interesting. i just love your dog n cat. :) i love puppies anyway.

you have a cute and adorable kid. hey.. don't you think that you have to get another one?

i am planning to it.. and hope it would be a girl this time.