Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Purple is Manly!

Dave bought a really cool Bumbo chair for Christian the other day. It's really a neat thing. It helps Christian be able to sit up and be a part of the world. And since he really hates laying down, it's been a great investment. However, the only color available was purple. So, our very macho little boy has a purple chair, but that is okay, because purple is a manly color.

Also, Christian discovered his tongue the other day and all sorts of really fun things he can do with it (ie stick it out, curl it up, blow bubbles, etc.). So, in all of our recent pictures of him he is sticking out his tongue. Notice the drool soaked bib too.

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The story of my life! said...

Bumbo's are great!! Dillon loved his, then he figured out how to get out of it then of course he sat on his own so that is no longer used.

That stage when they figure out the tougne is so much fun. They do so much and they also like to imitate what others are doing with their tougne as well. I love that!

Love that pic it's like he wasn't in the mood and wanted to show you that! ;) Way cute though!!!