Saturday, February 13, 2010

Half Way

On Feb 11th I was able to have my 20 week ultrasound.  I had two things I needed to know.  1.) If the baby was healthy and 2.) Gender.  We were able to find out both answers.  The baby is healthy and growing right on track and we're having another BOY!  We are all so excited to add another boy to our little family. 
The biggest surprise was to find out that my blood pressure medicine is working.  I had major blood pressure issues with my first pregnancy and I'm so glad it hasn't been such a big factor this time (yet).  Hopefully things will continue to progress well and we'll have a healthy little boy in June.  At first we were concerned that the baby would have to come early, like Christian did, but now we have some hope this baby can come a little later.  Only time will tell.  I still have several months left and we all know things can take a turn for the worse, in no time flat, with my yo-yo health.  But for now, everything is going very well. 

Now, if only we could agree on a name.  We'll surprise everyone (maybe even ourselves) with the name when the baby is born.

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