Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas in Utah

This year we traveled to Salt Lake City, UT for Christmas.  We stayed with my parents for a nice and relaxing week.  It was a long, snowy, drive (both ways) but we made it all in one piece.  Christian mostly behaved and Dave and I were pretty good too.  I was on orders from the doctor to take it easy as well as take blood pressure medicine that made me feel pretty sick most of the time.  But we still managed to get out and have some fun.  We did spend some time at my sister, Kenzie's, house to let the cousins play.  I was AWEFUL at taking pictures this trip.  It's pathetic. 

My parent's have this really cool retro tree.  I thought it was really neat.  Who doesn't love a silver tree?  Anyway, Christian really liked it we had to take it down a couple of days early.  Sorry!

Christian is starting to figure out who Santa is and what he does.  He loved getting presents and I can definitely tell that next year we need to be more sneaky about the presents.  It didn't take him long to figure it all out.  He's getting really good at ripping that paper off...regardless who the present is for.

Christmas evening we had enchiladas for dinner and were able to talk to my sister Maren on the phone.  She's serving a mission in the Philippines.

After Christmas, we were able to spend some time at my sister's house.  Christian and Arthur (4) played really well together.  However, Christian wasn't always nice to Victoria (1).  Since it was cold and snowy, we got everyone in their snow clothes and out to play.  I guess they were out there less time than it took them to get dressed.  Isn't that how it goes?  Also, Christian and I got to go to the SLC library.  What a great place!  They have a great kids section!

And how could I forget the trip to IKEA?  It was our first visit.  I could have spent a lot of time there, but Christian wasn't so convinced.  We bought an easel and some art supplies to help our budding artist try to draw on paper and not on the walls.  (Who knows how well it will work, but it's worth a shot!)

We had a fantastic, but short, visit to Temple Square to see the lights.  We barely got any good pictures because of the inversion.  Almost all of our pictures turned out foggy looking. 

It was freezing cold (16 degrees F) so we didn't last long.  I was ready to give up and go home.  Christian had a blast looking at all the lights and the horses. 

Christian got all excited!  "We're going to the Temple!" He'd shout to anyone that would listen.  He sure knows how to get those old ladies to pay attention.  They thought he was so adorable.  Nobody could walk by and not smile and say hi to him. 

And a funny story of the trip there.  Dave took Christian into the gas station to change a diaper and Christian was talking up a storm.  "Daddy, a guy's going potty."  "Yes he is, let's let him have some space."  Christian says to the guy a minute later, "All done going potty?"  Ohhh...Christian had the whole men's room busting up.

That was our trip.  We had a blast.  It was hard to come home and get back into real life.  New Year's Eve we were supposed to go to Dave's parent's house for a party, but Christian decided having 4 blowout diapers all night long was more fun.  So, I got to stay home with a grumpy boy who stayed up to 10:30pm whining at me.  He's still having some issues and regularly tells me his tummy I suppose I'll have to see if he's eating something that upsets his stomach.  So far we can't figure it out.

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Selissa said...

Those pictures look really cool! Looks loke you hada alot of fun!