Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We took a trip to Longmont, CO this weekend to go to the Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch with some friends. Christian had so much fun! We started our morning with jumping in the big bounce house. And then the boys took a ride on the airplane.

Next, we painted pumpkins so they could dry while we did the other activities. Christian really, really enjoyed painting. He was very particular about what color to use.

Then Dave took Christian down the slide twice for the price of once. Shhh! We were instructed not to let anyone else know. Christian could have done this ALL day long.

Our next stop was the petting zoo. Christian loves animals and gave them all hugs. He really loved being with the animals and particularly loved the llamas and goats.

Then we went on a really lame "train" ride. I thought Christian would like it better, but it was too "little" kid for him I guess. He wants to ride the real thing. But he kept saying, "All Aboard!"
(As a side note: He's going to be a train engineer for Halloween.)

They had a little corn maze that Christian and Dave enjoyed playing in. Dave would hide in the corn and scare Christian as he went running by. Christian would scream so loud and then laugh.

The boys enjoyed playing inside the pumpkin.

I truly had no idea how much fun a hay bale maze could be. But after a while of running around in circles, Christian got frustrated and gave up.

Our last stop was the inflatable pumpkin that was filled with balloons for the kids to chase. We eventually had to drag Christian out of there so we could enjoy our picnic.

After lunch we took a look at the over priced market and then smelled every flower we could see. And then we (by we I mean Christian) decided to try to pet the bees. I did not approve of this activity (shocker!) so we called it a day and drove home.

Over all we had a lot of fun, but I doubt we'll go back. They raised the prices this year and I felt like it was over priced. But it was so nice to get out of Denver for a few hours and spend time together.

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Tiffany Winters said...

I love these pictures... this seems like such a fun pumpkin patch, and the pictures with Dave and Christian make me so happy! You guys are such good parents.