Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Haircut

A couple days ago I was trying to clean the house (a rare occurance, I know) and Christian was in the way, as always, so I put him in his toy box to keep him out of my way. He thought it was great. Now he tries to climb into it all the time. Or maybe he's just trying to dump all the toys out.

After Christian was all ready for bed he fell asleep while playing with his toys in the living room. Too cute!

Today Dave, Christian and I drove to Colorado Springs to visit my sister in law, to play and get haircuts. Here is a before and after of Christian's haircut. He looks so grown up now.

Also, we have been having a lot of fun rearranging our living room! Stay tuned for pictures coming soon.


The story of my life! said...

I love how they fall asleep right in the middle of everything. Dillon does that in his high chair as well as on the floor or couch. Cute new hair cut!

Winters Family said...

I think that haircut is pretty much the cutest picture of him to date... he does look so big. I can't believe how much he looked like Dave's baby pictures there. And, I'm jealous that he needs so many haircuts. :)

Winters Family said...

Sorry, I know I've already commented. but I just read Dave's shirt in the last picture... did make me laugh though.