Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random Pictures-April

April 2011  Christian was 3 1/2 yrs and Grayson was 10 months

Merlin (our cat) trying to open the front door.


Christian decorated a window for Easter.

Barnes & Noble

Attempting to get some yogurt in his mouth.

"Helping" me fold the diapers.

He can't resist these sandals.
I finally cut my hair after over a year.

Dying Easter eggs.

Just a fun sculpture

Grayson loves to destroy!


Trying to climb in

Somehow he always gets stuck under the table

Having a snack outside


He found his reflection in the oven door.

Random Pictures-March

March 2011  Christian was 3 1/2 yrs and Grayson was 9 months

"Look, Mom!  I am dead!"

This one is accident prone.

They sell Blue Bell ice cream in CO now.  Yipee!

Daddy reading the boys a bedtime story.

Grayson eating bananas (that I peeled and chopped for him because I am a good mom!)

Sleeping in the car


What's up?

Random Pictures-February

I've decided to organize my Random Pictures posts so they make a little more sense.  So here are some pictures from February 2011.  Christian was 3 1/2 yrs and Grayson was 8 months.

A really fun marble game we got for Christian.

Being a Vet at the Denver Children's Museum

He had so much fun "making appointments" for the Vet.

Dave and the boys bought me flowers for Valentine's Day

Such a happy boy 98% of the time.

Christian loves to push Grayson around the house in boxes.  And Grayson loves it, too!

Denver Zoo

This year we decided to renew our zoo membership.  We've been so many times just in the last 2 months it's already paid for itself and then some.  We love going there with friends, but one time we actually got to go with Dave. 

Playing Outside

Our little condo is about 900 sq ft.  It's just little.  And with 2 very energetic little boys it seems even smaller.  So, for sanity's sake we've been outside just about all day everyday as the weather allows.  Enjoy some pictures of the boys playing outside in our beautiful CO weather!  You really can't beat the weather here.

Grayson's first time on the swings.

Christian LOVES sand!!

Grayson is still pretty iffy about it.


A visitor on Christian's jacket.

Just hanging out.

Christian's "motorcycle"

The result of no sunscreen...OOPS!

Flying his kite

Grayson and his friend Abby at the park.