Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pay It Forward


I am going to play " Pay it Forward". I got this from Janiece. This is how it works folks. I am going to send something to the first 3 gals who comment on this post. Then those 3 gals promise to send something to the first 3 gals who comment on their posts and so on and so on. The something can be anything you made, bought, found or were given. Something you would like to receive. If you want to join the fun...PLEASE leave a comment and then post about the giveaway on your blog. Then send something to the first 3 who sign up. Who Wants To Play???

This will be lots of fun!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


When Christian saw this statue of Joseph Smith at the Visitor's Center his little face lit up with joy. He started to clap and immediately reached out to touch him. I have never seen him get so excited about something like that. He loved to see anything about Joseph Smith.

We were able to attend the Nauvoo Pageant and it was SO fun! I highly recommend going to see it if at all possible! Christian had a great time too. This is a scene when they just completed building the temple.

We were fortunate to take a horse and carriage ride through the countryside in Nauvoo and enjoy some spiritual stories from the missionaries. It was a great way to see some of the sights that most people don't get to see. Besides, where else can you see children pulling handcarts? The picture below is Lookout Point with a great view of the Mississippi River.

These are the 2 ginormous horses that pulled our carriage. Christian LOVED the horses. I couldn't get him to turn around to look at the camera. He loves animals so much!

A couple of the places we were able to visit were the printing press and the brickyard. It's amazing how much you learn everytime you go to Nauvoo.

We had such a good trip to Nauvoo. It made for a very nice first family vacation. Christian was so good in the car which gives us hope for future vacations. We hope you enjoyed some of our favorite pictures from Nauvoo. I didn't take very many because I was very sick for most of the trip, but we still had a great time! We also visited Independence, MO and Liberty Jail. We missed the trip to Carthage because I was too sick. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any pictures in Independence or Liberty. Maybe we'll have to go back.